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Dialogue One is a marketing consulting company, operating internationally on the
business-to-business market.

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Marketing channels

Online marketing, E-mail marketing, Database marketing, Telemarketing.
Dialogue One has different ways of reaching the customers.

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Explore how we collaborate with our partners and organize our work strategically for a successful dialogue with businesses.

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Marketing data warehouse

Being a client of Dialogue One gives you the opportunity to use an own marketing data warehouse during our partnership.

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Dialogue One provides services and solutions that fulfill various operational processes all the way through the customers’ lifecycle. We specialize in communication with your current and potential market and gathering and utilizing relevant data and knowledge, which we use to give pieces of advice on optimizing your processes and build sufficient communication strategies. For our existing and future clients, we provide four service categories and one special solution – a Marketing Data Warehouse.

Market communication

Market Communication is an effective way of gathering quality information about your target market. By using one or more of our services in combination, we can influence your potential customers in a way not else possible.

Lead generation
    • First stage of your sales process
    • Helps your sales-force get more efficient
Appointment setting
    • Setting up meetings for your sales force
    • Cost effective
    • Flexible solutions
Building awareness
    • Awareness building of your company
    • Awareness building of new product/service
Data collection
    • Valuable information gathered
    • E-mail
    • Name
    • Number, etc.
Pipeline management
    • Organize sales efforts
    • Ensuring future leads

Customer care

We care for our partners’ clients as much as we care for our partners’ business success.
More valuable knowledge about each customer’s wants and needs, service-oriented dialogue and understanding of their problems are vital for maintaining healthy and profitable relationships.
Dialogue One provides customer care concepts that are designed with one specific aim - ensure satisfied and loyal customers. This will not only give positive impact on your sales, but it will be a good way to strengthen your positions on the market and improve your brand image.

Business Development & Strategies

Strategic thinking, planning and actions are core part of our business. We believe business development is a process that we can achieve in collaboration with our partners with hard work and positive attitude. Our past experience proves that.
Dialogue One provides development and implementation of strategies, related to the communication and promotion efforts of our clients.
We can help you building successful go-to-market strategies for reaching potential customers and build solid customer relations strategies.
Consulting our partners and finding how to optimize the work flow is also an integrated part of our business model.

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is a combination of Market research, data quality management, data warehousing & analytics, market segmentation, customer mapping and reporting.

Market research
    • Gather information
    • Exploring opportunities
    • Understanding customer needs
Data warehousing & analytics
    • Filtering and indexing data
    • Pipeline management
    • Analyzing target market
    • Finding potential leads
Customer mapping
    • Analyzing new customers
    • Cost effective targeting
    • Daily reporting with leads
    • Graphic monthly overview

Marketing Data Warehouse

The Marketing Data Warehouse is an efficient way of keeping track of your market information. By filtering the data according to the specific needs, the warehouse provides an efficient targeting tool for market control.


The Marketing Data Warehouse can be used to find the current potential in a specific segment. All information gathered from market intelligence, business development and strategy, market communication and customer care can be stores in the marketing data warehouse.


The four phases of the program symbolize the difference stages of the customer’s lifecycle. Depending on the position of each customer in the lifecycle, they can be offered different solutions, which is to mutual benefit for both your company and your clients.
In combination with the Marketing Data Warehouse, this program gives at complete overview of all needs from your clients and how to manage them.


Online marketing

By subjecting your potential customers to IP targeting and direct targeting, the chance to acquire new customers will significantly improve. By repeating exposure of your advertising towards the potential customers, they will get more aware of your product or service and be more willing to accept it.


Telemarketing is the best way to get qualitative data about your customers, by engaging them in a one-on-one conversation. You will receive specific information about the potential customers’ needs and expectations, which can only partly be acquired through other channels.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is a quick and effective way of communication with a large audience of interested companies. The e-mails can target both current and potential customers depending on the content. The permissions will normally be gathered through the market communication service.

Our goal is to deliver the desired results in a more efficient way. We aim to create long-term partnerships, based on trust and mutual collaboration with various companies from different industries.

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