Corporate social responsibility

We believe in giving back and doing our part in taking care of our planet.
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We take our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously. It’s part of all our projects related to our employees, clients, suppliers and office life.


Our clients and their products, which are the focus of our projects, deal with various possibilities for renewable energies, energy efficiency, climate neutrality or other green & sustainable topics. But sustainability does not only play a role within the projects on which we work, the general orientation of our company is also becoming more and more sustainable.

We plant trees, work together with sustainable companies, support sustainable start-ups and always have open ears to our employees’ ideas on how we can improve in this area.
Environmental issues are on the rise, and affect all of us. We want to minimize our negative impact on the climate, and make sure that we do our part of fighting for a sustainable future.

Here’s some examples of what we do to achieve this goal:

• Reducing carbon footprint – TreeNation
• Environmentally conscious corporate policies

Environmentally conscious corporate policies :

• Awareness in selection of suppliers for facilities – we choose environmentally friendly suppliers, making sure that the materials are sustainable, and can be recycled
• We collect waste selectively, and recycle it
• We introduced reminders to reduce our paper towel consumption, planning to switch to reusable towels as soon as we can be back in the office
• All purchased printing paper is 100% recycled
• We urge our employees as well as our customers to print only the necessary papers through signatures apparent in every company email
• Switched to organic, plastic free and bike traveling snack delivery for our refreshments


Reducing carbon footprint with the help of TreeNation:

Every year, a website releases several kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. When a website is used, data is transferred to and processed in remote servers. The electricity consumed by these servers and by our computers accounts for 2% of the world’s air pollution, as much as the airline industry!
For this reason Tree-Nation has developed what they call a “Offset Website label” (which you can find in our footer), a simple tool that allows them to make any website CO2 neutral.
The label algorithm allows to obtain an accurate estimation of the emissions of any particular website. The calculations are based on the Alexander Wissner-Gross’ study which estimates 0.02g of CO2 emitted per web page displayed. The Offset Website label, when placed in a website’s footer, counts the web pages displayed and then calculates the CO2 emissions by multiplying the number of pages displayed by 0.02g.
Once they know how much CO2 a website is emitting, the system automatically calculates the trees that need to be planted to offset that amount and this information is transmitted to the planters along with the funds required to plant the tree.
Here you can see our company’s forest, and the number of trees planted. For more information visit our TreeNation site.



The core of our company is the people. Those who work with us, and most importantly, those who make it all work. We want to make sure that our employees maintain a good work balance, enhance their skills and do their work with pleasure and passion.

Some of our initiatives for giving back to the community and to help our employees keep up the good work include:

• Flexibility
• Diversity
• Security
• Healthcare


We want our employees to have a healthy work-life balance, and get the best out of working at DialogueOne. We offer flexible hours, mobility – all our employees have the possibility of remote work- as well as modularity – we combine different modules and topics in a work day, going through a diverse array of activities and tasks each day.


Studies show that having a diverse team can help with the productivity, efficiency and overall proficiency of the workplace. By having employees with different backgrounds and experiences we widen our range of thinking, get better at understanding a wide array of customers and increase employee satisfaction.
We have a culturally diverse team, with consultants from all around the world, and are proud to give many young people their first job after they finish their education, helping them kick start their career. Through one of our main partners, Tryg, we have employees with limited capability for work, who we accommodate to the best of our ability.


Our clients and employees data security is important to us and we comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We are certified ISAE3000.


We offer private supplementary health insurance (including dentist) to all our employees.